Click the right mouse button on the “Brokers/exchanges connections” field and select “New connection…”.

You should see the following “Session properties” window.

Common tab

Session name – choose and enter a convenient name.

Reconnect after no quotes for – check this box and set time period in seconds, if you want to reconnect session  if the software doesn’t receive quotes for set period of time

Minimum interval between sending orders – you can set

Connect on startup -check this box to connect to the session when you run or restart HFT ARBITRAGE PLATFORM software.

Price connection type – choose CRYPTO_WS or CRYPTO_REST connectors in price and trade connection types dropdown menus.

You should choose choose CRYPTO_WS connector where possible.

The next step is adding symbols that you will subscribe to (and trade on). You need to click on […] button and the dialog will appear that will prompt you to select the .sym file with the set of prescribed symbols for different exchanges. After file name appears in the file path textbox, click ‘Load from file’ button.

The grid view will become filled with this symbols info: After that you should check the symbols you need. You can also add some symbols manually, just be careful to provide both Unicum and Digits. After adding symbols manually, you should click ‘Save to file’ button, otherwise all the information you entered will be lost.

After that on Crypto pricing and Crypto trading tabs you should select the required crypto connector from the drop-down list.

Please put your API and secret keys to relevant fields in Crypto trading tab. For some exchanges also user ID can be required.

Important notes! If you changed machine/VPS you should generate new API keys. If you plan to use 2 or more instances of the software you need separate set of keys for each instance. To connect/disconnect the session you need to select it in sessions grid and use Connect/Disconnect buttons in the bottom of the sessions section.

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