HFT Arbitrage Platform

Arbitrage Software is based on unique algorithms on different markets such as Forex, CFDs, Futures, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies between different platforms and protocols.

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Arbitrage Trading Platform

HFT Arbitrage Trading platform is a unique software product that has no analogs on the market. We developed the HFT Arbitrage trading platform for hedge funds, and it was fully used for several years for institutional trading. After we decided to become a separate and independent team, we improved the program by adding latency arbitrage (this strategy is popular for crypto trading, but also among Forex traders with small capital) and connectors to brokers catering to retail forex traders. Arbitrage Trading platform allows traders to use a variety of arbitrage strategies such as:

One Leg Arbitrage

One Leg - latency arbitrage strategy with possibility to increase order time and profit as a result of trading, as well as a full simulation of trading without using robots.

Hedge Arbitrage

Hedge - hidden strategy based on comparing quotes between different platforms and determining profitable situations when there is a difference in quotes. Also it completely imitates trading without using robots.

2 Legs Latency 1

2 Legs Latency 1 - A strategy based on comparing quotes of 2 platforms with fast quotes source, which has a complex and unique algorithm of hedging orders and imitation of manual trading strategy, which has no relation to High Frequency trading or scalping.

2 Legs Latency 2

2 Legs Latency-2 Strategy based on comparing the first platform quotes with the source of fast quotes, which has a complex and unique algorithm for hedging orders on the second platform 2

2 Legs Latency 3

2 Legs Latency 3 - A strategy based on comparing quotes of 2 platforms with the source of fast quotes, which has a complex and unique algorithm for hedging orders, which has no analogues on the market. The strategy allows you to completely disguise arbitrage trading. We are not publishing the idea behind 2 Legs Latency 3 strategy to prevent attempts of competitors to create such an arbitrage strategy; and to prevent anti-arbitrage plug-ins that allow forex brokers to detect this strategy.

About Us

We are a high-tech team of programmers, professional traders, and mathematicians who were united by one idea - to create software products that will change the balance of power in favor of traders in the forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrency markets. We develop the most successful systems for high-frequency and arbitrage trading, based on unique mathematical models and algorithms, including an advanced infrastructure. We believe that the goal of any company like ours is not only to make a profit but to bring any Forex or Crypto trader to the level of a professional by providing deep customer support and education. When you buy our products, you not only buy software but also receive knowledge combined from various fields and received on the basis of feedback from professional traders for 10 years of continuous work in the industry.
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HFT Arbitrage Platform - Available Connectors

Arbitrage Software programmed and based on unique algorithms on different markets such as Forex, CFDs, Futures, Indices and Cryptocurrencies between different platforms and protocols such as:

  • 1. FIX API - more than 45 connectors are included in program by default, allowing to trade with almost all known brokers providing the possibility of trade through FIX API protocol. You can add new connectors on your own demand.
  • 2. cTrader FIX API protocol, which allows you to connect to cTrader server without running the cTrader platform, if the broker allows the connection through FIX API protocol.
  • 3. WebSocket and REST API - over 25 connectors are included in the default program, allowing you to trade with almost all known crypto exchanges.
  • 4. Rithmic R | API+™ API provides access to R | Trade Execution Platform™. - will be available soon
  • 5. jForex connector for Dukascopy trading platforms provide access to Swiss Forex Marketplace (SWFX).
  • 6. MT4 and MT5 connectors allowing trading with thousands of brokers supporting MT4 and MT5 platforms.

HFT Arbitrage trading platform has an integrated free connection to the suppliers of fast quotes from stock exchanges in 3 locations: New York, London and Tokyo. Recommended HFT VPS: UltraFX VPS.

Pricing Table

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HFT Arbitrage Platform 1-Leg Only

$465 1 lifetime license
  • Build-in startegies: Latency.
  • Lifetime support
  • Unlimited accouns

HFT Arbitrage Platform full package

$1,160 (-45%) 1 lifetime license
  • Build-in startegies: one-leg, hedge, 2 legs latency 1, 2 legs latency 2, 2 legs latency 3.
  • Lifetime support
  • Unlimited accounts

HFT Arbitrage Platform - Custom

$465+ 1 lifetime license
  • Built-in strategies: All
  • Lifetime support
  • Unlimited accounts


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