APIGateway – DXTrade connector for HFT Arbitrage Platform

495,00 $

The DXTrade Connector enables you to leverage all the built-in strategies of the HFT Arbitrage Platform on the DXTrade platform. It fully emulates manual trading without compromising speed. This connector is compatible with any broker or proprietary trading firm that supports the DXTrade platform.


APIGateway – The DXTrade Connector allows you to utilize all the built-in strategies of the HFT Arbitrage Platform on the DXTrade platform, fully emulating manual trading without any loss of speed. You can use the connector with any broker or prop trading firm that offers the DXTrade platform.

dxtrade connector

Here is a list of proprietary trading firms that have integrated the DX.trade platform, providing their traders with advanced tools and functionalities:

  • FTMO is a prominent prop trading firm known for its comprehensive evaluation process and generous funding offers. Although specific details on its use of DX.trade weren’t found, FTMO is known for integrating advanced trading platforms to ensure seamless trading experiences.
  • AquaFunded recently announced the launch of DX.trade as their new cutting-edge trading platform. The platform offers innovative features, including advanced analytical tools, enhanced security measures, and reliability across various devices, ensuring a seamless trading experience​​​​​​.
  • MyFundedFX is another prop trading firm that leverages modern trading platforms to provide excellent support and tools for traders. The firm focuses on offering competitive profit splits and funding options. Specific details about their use of DX.trade were not mentioned directly, but they continuously enhance their platform offerings.
  • EightCap, a well-known brokerage firm, offers a range of trading platforms, including DX.trade, to their clients. They are known for providing robust trading environments with high-quality execution and support for multiple asset classes.
  • InstantFunding has integrated DX.trade into its platform, ensuring traders can access advanced trading tools and efficient execution. It emphasizes providing a reliable and user-friendly trading experience​​.

These firms utilize the advanced capabilities of the DX.trade platform to enhance their trading operations, offering traders access to sophisticated tools, real-time market data, and a seamless trading experience across various devices. This integration reflects their commitment to providing top-tier trading environments and support for their traders.

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