Arbitrage Trading – A Quick Start Guide

Introduction So, you’ve decided to delve into arbitrage trading but are unsure where to begin. This article aims to concisely outline all the steps you need to take to kick off your arbitrage journey without hitting unforeseen obstacles. For clarity, all the steps will be presented in the order they should be undertaken. I’d also advise beginners not to make alterations unless they’re experienced in arbitrage trading. 5 Easy steps to start Arbitrage Trading on Forex and Crypto markets Step 1. Selecting and Purchasing an Arbitrage Strategy Our software offers several built-in arbitrage strategies designed for a specific purpose. You can delve deeper into each strategy in our dedicated article. […]

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Comprehensive Guide to Advanced Arbitrage Strategies on HFT Platform: FAQs and Recommendations

In this article, I will describe in detail the algorithm of work of all arbitrage strategies built into the HFT Arbitrage platform. Latent Arbitrage built-in strategy This strategy is based on the difference in quote speeds of different brokers due to justified technological delays. The program compares the quotes received from the source of fast quotes (fast feed) with the broker’s quotes. If the fast feed price is higher (lower) than the broker’s price, a buy (sell) order is opened, and a trailing stop is applied to the order. The trailing stop helps to increase profit and order life span. Frequently asked questions about latent arbitrage built-in strategy Q. Can […]

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select suitable arbitrage bot


The HFT Arbitrage Platform contains five built-in arbitrage strategies. Each strategy has a different algorithm and I would like to focus on that first. Built-in arbitrage strategies – description of the algorithms Latency arbitrage built-in strategy The latency arbitrage algorithm is based on the fact that different brokers receive quotes at different speeds and occurs for several reasons: Latency arbitrage bot The algorithm works in the following way Latency Arbitrage bot in real time compares the quotes coming to the slow broker (that may be MT4, MT5, cTrader, or FIX API broker, as well as the cryptocurrency exchange) with quotes of the fast broker (the so-called fast feed). As soon […]

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hedge arbitrage trader


Introduction Hedge arbitrage is a method of trading when the program compares quotes between two or more brokers. In case there is a difference that should exceed a certain threshold value set by the trader in the hedge arbitrage quotes, the program buys the trading instrument, for which the price difference is fixed, from the broker with the lower price and sells it from the broker with the higher one. The algorithms for hedge arbitrage can vary further. In one case the hedge arbitrage program can close the hedged orders at both brokers when the prices align, in the other case the hedge arbitrage program can wait for the price […]

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