Forex Latency arbitrage stats

Usage Statistics of 2-Legs Latency 1 Arbitrage Bot

When analyzing the effectiveness of an arbitrage strategy, it’s important to consider a variety of statistical indicators. Here are some of them: 1. Trade Frequency 2. Average Profit/Loss per Trade 3. Percentage of Profitable Trades 4. Average Holding Time 5. Maximum Drawdown 6. Risk/Reward Ratio 7. Profitability by Trading Pair 8. Profit-to-Risk Ratio per Trade 9. Profit Variance 10. Number of Losing Trades Following a Profit Period 11. Moving Average of Profit/Loss By using these indicators, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the arbitrage strategy’s performance and make informed decisions for its optimization and improvement. Analyzing the effectiveness  2-Legs Latency 1 Arbitrage Strategy 2-Legs Latency 1 is a […]

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Arbitrage Trading – A Quick Start Guide

Introduction So, you’ve decided to delve into arbitrage trading but are unsure where to begin. This article aims to concisely outline all the steps you need to take to kick off your arbitrage journey without hitting unforeseen obstacles. For clarity, all the steps will be presented in the order they should be undertaken. I’d also advise beginners not to make alterations unless they’re experienced in arbitrage trading. 5 Easy steps to start Arbitrage Trading on Forex and Crypto markets Step 1. Selecting and Purchasing an Arbitrage Strategy Our software offers several built-in arbitrage strategies designed for a specific purpose. You can delve deeper into each strategy in our dedicated article. […]

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Forex Arbitrage Bot

タイトル: 市場の非効率性を利用する: FXアービトラージボットの詳細な考察

Subtitle: Discovering the Power of Automated Forex Arbitrage Trading Introduction Forex arbitrage is a high-frequency trading tactic that aims to profit from discrepancies in the foreign exchange market. The primary objective of forex arbitrage is to capitalize on price differences between two or more currency pairs by buying and selling them simultaneously. This article delves into how forex arbitrage bots can assist you in taking advantage of these inefficiencies, the various arbitrage strategies, and the essential factors to consider when choosing a forex arbitrage bot. I. Grasping Forex Arbitrage Fundamental Concept Forex arbitrage entails detecting and exploiting price variations across multiple currency pairs or trading platforms. Traders aim to benefit […]

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High Frequency Trading.

What is High-Frequency Trading on Forex and Cryptocurrencies Markets

Introduction High-frequency trading is a form of trading in financial markets that relies on fast computer algorithms to recognize and identify trading opportunities quickly. This trading strategy is done through automated trading, where complex algorithms use large amounts of data (large number of orders) and calculations to make trading decisions. In high-frequency trading, high-speed computer systems can process vast amounts of data in real-time and make trading decisions quickly, allowing traders to react to market changes instantly. High-frequency trading is widely used in stock, futures, and currency markets, where small price changes can make a big difference when trading large volumes. It allows traders to make fast profits, but can […]

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Passing the Prop Firm contest and trading in a prop firm that allows and doesn’t allow HFT with latency arbitrage

Introduction A prop firm is a company that provides traders (i.e. people who trade in financial markets) with the necessary capital, tools and resources to trade at their own risk (i.e. with the company’s own money), as opposed to trading on behalf of clients. Profits from the trades are usually divided between the trader and the company, with the latter receiving a percentage of the profits. Prop companies usually have specific trading strategies and may specialize in particular markets or instruments. They can also provide training and mentoring programs for new traders to develop their skills and improve their profitability. Advantages of Trading at a Prop Firm One of the […]

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バーチャルディーラープラグイン - あなたに不利なゲーム

Introduction Probably any experienced trader knows that forex brokers often use plug-ins called virtual dealers. Such a plugin first appeared in 2006 and made a lot of noise among traders. For this reason, such developments were practically classified, and now they are called risk management. Yes, brokers manage their risk because they take a big risk when a trader’s account is in b book, and the trader starts to win. A B-book is when the broker’s server receives the quotes but does not transmit the orders but processes them by itself. The trader trades with the broker, and if the trader loses $1000, the broker wins $1000, and vice versa. […]

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2023年版 HFT 及び FX アービトラージトレーディング

Introduction In this article, we will tell you how to start arbitrage trading in 2023, trading both on regular forex accounts and passing through contests in prop companies. Every year the use of latency arbitrage software becomes more and more complicated. This happens because Forex brokers do not want to let traders win and for this reason use different plug-ins, such as virtual dealers, which increases the delay in order execution. This leads to the fact that due to the slippage latency arbitrage becomes ineffective.  Most brokers do not apply the plugin to all accounts, but only to toxic accounts, i.e. which use any HFT strategies such as latency arbitrage […]

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the best latency arbitrage strategy


Introduction – motivational. If you want to get ahead in a big way as a latency arbitrage trader, I just urge you to read this article thoughtfully to the very end. If you don’t understand any of the following, email me questions and I’ll be sure to answer you. I promise I will answer everyone. If you want to be a latency arbitrage trader and you don’t read this material, you won’t become one. You will blame everybody for your failures: the software developers you use, the broker you work with, your VPN provider, and your fast feed. You will be looking for something, but the problem is with you […]

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FX アービトラージソフトウェア - 失敗しないために

Software for arbitrage trading or EA (EA) Latency arbitrage is a program, which implements a trading algorithm based on the fact that the rate of quotes submission to some forex brokers (fast forex brokers) is much faster than to the majority of brokers (slow forex brokers). This makes it possible to implement comparison of quotes of fast and slow forex brokers and if there are advances in the price movement at a fast forex broker it is possible to open an order at a slow broker. Originally such algorithms were implemented as expert advisors or forex robots in programming languages offered by different trading platforms. Now, the modern implementation of […]

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arbitrage trading

2022年度版 FX・暗号通貨レイテンシーアービトラージソフトの新手法とアイデア

Introduction – first latency arbitrage robots The idea of Latency Arbitrage for the Forex market appeared quite a long time ago and the first algorithms were rather simple. They were latency arbitrage robots – MetaTrader Expert Advisors that consisted of two parts. The first part is a latency arbitrage feeder – an Expert Advisor that was installed on the MetaTrader terminal of a broker who had fast quotes calculated them and passed them to the second Expert Advisor – latency arbitrage ea that was installed on the MetaTrader with slow quotes. The latency arbitrage compared slow and fast quotes and, when the difference appeared, sent an order.  Since Forex brokers […]

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