Passing the Prop Firm contest and trading in a prop firm that allows and doesn’t allow HFT with latency arbitrage

Introduction A prop firm is a company that provides traders (i.e. people who trade in financial markets) with the necessary capital, tools and resources to trade at their own risk (i.e. with the company’s own money), as opposed to trading on behalf of clients. Profits from the trades are usually divided between the trader and the company, with the latter receiving a percentage of the profits. Prop companies usually have specific trading strategies and may specialize in particular markets or instruments. They can also provide training and mentoring programs for new traders to develop their skills and improve their profitability. Advantages of Trading at a Prop Firm One of the […]

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What is proprietary forex trading An alternative to trading forex with your own funds through brokers is proprietary trading with funds from a prop firm. A forex proprietary firm is a company that evaluates a trader’s skills (usually through a trading challenge) and assigns a certain amount of its own capital for the trader to trade with. The purpose of the challenge (evaluation period) is to find out if the trader is qualified enough and can work according to the rules of the company as far as money management is concerned. Trading with a proprietary firm usually involves paying some sort of fee, whether it is an entry fee to […]

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