HFT and Forex Arbitrage trading in 2023

  • Introduction
  • Where to start arbitrage trading in 2023
  • Passing the company’s prop contest
  • Mixing non-toxic trades into arbitrage trading
  • Conclusion


In this article, we will tell you how to start arbitrage trading in 2023, trading both on regular forex accounts and passing through contests in prop companies. Every year the use of latency arbitrage software becomes more and more complicated. This happens because Forex brokers do not want to let traders win and for this reason use different plug-ins, such as virtual dealers, which increases the delay in order execution. This leads to the fact that due to the slippage latency arbitrage becomes ineffective.  Most brokers do not apply the plugin to all accounts, but only to toxic accounts, i.e. which use any HFT strategies such as latency arbitrage or robots based on hairpin trading or any other highly profitable strategies. Therefore, the main task in 2023 for traders who use HFT strategies is to improve HFT and Forex latency arbitrage strategies. Our company is constantly developing new methods of masking arbitrage strategies included in the HFT arbitrage Platform and for this reason, in many cases, our clients can be sure that they can always earn money trading forex and cryptocurrencies with arbitrage strategies.  The good trend in recent years is that more and more brokerage companies are springing up and often they are organized by businessmen with no experience in forex brokerage.

Where to start arbitrage trading in 2023

The first thing to start latency arbitrage trading in 2023 is to choose a latency arbitrage strategy with a good arbitrage trade disguise. Before you start choosing, I recommend you read these two articles:

Which arbitrage strategy is more suitable for me?

How does the most advanced latency arbitrage strategy work?

Once you’ve chosen a strategy or strategies you need to proceed to open accounts How not to make mistakes when opening accounts we also described in the article I recommend you read.

Forex Arbitrage Software – how not to make mistakes

Please take the time to thoughtfully read this article and all the articles we referred to in this article. If you don’t understand anything, ask us questions. This will save our time and yours and will prevent you from the situation when the broker realizes what you’re up to and apply the plug-in to your account from the very beginning, damaging your experience of arbitrage trading. In short, you’ll need two accounts, and both of them should be opened, used, and checked from two different IP addresses. Checking an account from the same mobile app can also lead to your account being flagged by a broker. Be aware of this. 

After you have opened and funded your accounts, you should choose a data center where your broker’s server is located, this will help reduce latency and therefore reduce slippage, which is detrimental to any high-frequency trading or latency arbitrage strategy.  If you are going to trade on two accounts that are opened at the same brokerage company but under different names and from separate IP addresses, you should ask your VPN provider for an additional IP address for your VPN and also you will need an IP Changer. The auxiliary IP address can be changed with the help of a fast proxy server. Our team will help you install and configure the arbitrage trading software and set up the arbitrage bot you selected. 

Passing Prop Company Contest

It should be understood that the passage of the competition in the prop company is not an easy task and you are best suited for it 2legs latency 1 bot. Latency Bot for the contest in prop company is not set up for two accounts, as we recommend for usual forex brokers, but for one account. This is probably the only case when you need to use 2-Leg bots on one account.  We described why in detail in our article.

How to pass the challenge of using latency arbitrage at a Forex prop-firm

But you should realize that not every proxy company will be able to take part in the contest, only some of them. That’s why you need to try it in several companies beforehand and read all contest rules and make the correct settings of latency arbitrage. You need to monitor the delay constantly and if the prop company applied the plugin – turn off arbitrage and look for another prop company. ☹

Mixing non-toxic trades into arbitrage trading

As in the case of arbitrage trading at regular forex brokers as well as in the case of the contest at a prop company, we recommend you to use not only latency arbitrage but also other non-toxic strategies, even if they are not profitable or low-profitable. The main thing is not to use strategies that can lead to large losses such as martingale or grid. If a strategy loses 10% a month, with latency arbitrage you can compensate for these losses and make a profit, but mixing in a non-toxic flow will help disguise latency arbitrage.  

Sources of non-toxic flow to mask latency arbitrage

Sources of non-toxic flow can be a time-tested forex robot, signal service, or any manual trading strategy you trust. Before using a forex robot, test it on a demo account and pay attention to the following factors, which will help you assess possible losses if the robot does not perform the task assigned to it:

  • The presence of a stop loss and at what distance from the price it is set. 
  • How many orders can be opened for one symbol at a time.
  • How many orders can be opened for all traded symbols at the same time.

Is any scaling or averaging used?

Also, if you know a reliable manager, you can give him a small account to manage and use as a master account in the trading forex copier and your sub-account can be the account on which the latency arbitrage software is running. You will need the Forex account copier in many cases, so it’s as necessary for a trader’s kit as the arbitrage trading software itself.


In this article, we have briefly described the trading methodology that will help you be more successful in 2023, and we refer you to previous articles that we think are important and we strongly recommend you to read them. Please don’t ignore these recommendations and you will find that 5-10 minutes of your time will save you weeks or even months in the future. Please spread our articles on social media and it will help us to help you in the future.

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