HFT Arbitrage Platform Free (shareware)

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HFT Arbitrage Platform shareware version.


Shareware Forex and Cryptocurrencies Arbitrage Software.

As a rule, companies producing arbitrage software for forex and cryptocurrency markets, such as WesternPips arbitrage or BJF arbitrage, do not offer demo or shareware versions. High expenses cause it to create professional products for arbitrage trading, and the high cost of qualitative fast feed.
Our company decided to change the rules of the arbitrage market. We are pleased to offer our clients to download a shareware version of the HFT Arbitrage Platform that includes a free latency arbitrage bot and free hedge arbitrage software – which can be used for arbitrage trading on forex and cryptocurrency and three free two legs latency arbitrage bot for forex trading. This approach allows each user to download arbitrage software for free and test it without any time constraints, which is favorable not only for the user but also for our company, which aims to popularize the software in many ways superior to arbitrage trading products produced by BJF Trading Group and WesternPips.

HFT Arbitrage Platform Shareware has the following limitations:

  • Trading instrument: EURUSD only.
  • Trading lot size: 0.01.
  • Fast feed: New York and London with a delay of 10ms. Tokyo feed is not available for the shareware version.
  • We reserve the right to turn off any shareware HFT Arbitrage license after 30 days without prior notice

Also, unfortunately, we cannot recommend appropriate forex arbitrage brokers to clients who downloaded shareware forex arbitrage and provide full support. Still, for clients who purchased the full version of the HFT Arbitrage Platform with one or more forex arbitrage strategies, we will provide free lifetime support, including installation, customization, and recommendation of arbitrage brokers.

2 reviews for HFT Arbitrage Platform Free (shareware)

  1. N/A (verified owner)

    I highly recommend trying this product for free.

  2. Bastian Elton (verified owner)


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